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Is anyone else experiencing The Sims 4 crashes with no errors? The game just exits to Desktop without showing an error like nothing ever happened. It also crashes when I save or go into CAS. 

It’s very annoying and I can’t even take pictures for my comic. Could it be the fact that I don’t have full 4GB of RAM as The Sims 4 requires?

I kinda feel like she is her fairy godmother or something like that!

Really? Haha! I’ve never thought about that. :) It’s really interesting to see how you other people see the characters. She’s just a girl who wants to be friend of the world. :)

A Shoulder To Cry On, PART 2

The Willow’s Way ♦ Start from Beginning ♦ Start from Newest

I got something in my eye while writing this. 

Crying It Out

The Willow’s Way ♦ Start from Beginning ♦ Start from Newest

Anonymous whispered: Ok so I'm where does your sims 4 story thing start? I can't find the first one lol

Here is a chronology of “The Willow’s Way”. You can also find it on every post under “Start from Beginning”’s-way/chrono

Good luck!

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